JH Technologies Donates Microscope to Hospital in Albania

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Pathologists at the Durres Hospital Clinical Laboratory in Albania serve a large population within the capitol city of Durres, and they do this without adequate equipment. This has all changed with the donation of a multi-headed teaching microscope by JH Technologies, a distributor of optical and digital imaging systems.

The March delivery to the Albanian hospital was part of a new program called iFuSe (Inspire Future Scientific Exploration), which aims to open children’s eyes to the possibility of careers in science, medicine, and technology by providing access to scientific equipment they might otherwise not get to use. The program has been expanded to include institutions that use microscopes for teaching in developing countries. JH Technologies is gathering new, used, and broken microscopes—the most widely-used tools for basic scientific study—then repairing and delivering them at no cost to educational programs for kindergarten through high school, and medical institutions in developing countries.

Susan Oupadia, MD and Peace Corps Health Sector Volunteer, recalls “Who could know that in November we would find an amazing stranger on the internet willing to take a chance on our project? Mr. John Hubacz, from JH Technologies in Fremont, California was so generous as to build and donate a 3-headed microscope to Peace Corps Albania.” Oupadia continues “One of my Albanian colleagues said when she saw the instrument, 'this is something we could only see in our dreams.'"

Developing countries are strapped for funding to purchase instruments needed to diagnose and prevent disease. At the Durres hospital, the lack of a teaching microscope inhibits the development of new clinical pathologists, slowing the diagnosis process and leading to possible misdiagnosis. JH Technologies' CEO, John Hubacz, says, “Providing this instrument will help develop those new pathologists needed to support a growing healthcare need in Albania.” Hubacz suggests, “The Peace Corps is a tremendous institution with a long history of helping human-kind world-wide. We see this as an opportunity to support medical development in nations that suffer from poor medical infrastructure and helping them to prevent disease.”

The company is committed to iFuSe, and is seeking both educational institutions in need of microscopes and potential donors who have equipment that is unused, retired, or damaged.

JH Technologies is offering trade-in credits toward the purchase of replacement equipment, depending on condition. Recipients will be informed of the donor, and all donations will be highlighted on both JHTechnologies.com and iFuSe.us.

ABOUT JH TECHNOLOGIES: JH Technologies is a major national optics and microscopy dealer with 25 years of experience in optical and digital imaging for applications in semiconductor, solar cell, micro-technology, medical device, forensic, and educational markets. Recently, JH Technologies has expanded its reach to include the Pacific North West and New England markets. Additionally, more than half of JH Technologies’ business comes from the life science research market where they serve some of the largest research organizations, medical institutions, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the country. JH Technologies sales staff consists of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to providing the most appropriate solutions for their customer’s unique problems. The sales staff is supported by an outstanding group of factory trained applications experts and service engineers. Visit http://www.JHTechnologies.com to learn more about the solutions JH Technologies can provide.


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