Just Desserts—Followed by Brandy in the Drawing Room—Peter C. Bradbury’s “Stonebridge Manor” Recalls the Mystery Greats

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Centered around the aristocratic high society of England and set in the beautiful, rolling green hills of its countryside, Stonebridge Manor is filled with such colorful characters and wry humor that readers will be wondering how much of the author’s personal background as a butler inspired the story.

The primary antagonist, Lady Baldwin, demands the utmost loyalty from her many servants, but does not seem to mind reducing them to fits of tears with a few sharp, well-chosen words. From the opening sentence, readers are introduced to her conniving and manipulative ways and will find themselves pleasantly surprised at the plot twists that lurk in the wings for Lady Baldwin. When she gets her just desserts—followed by coffee and brandy in the drawing room, of course—readers will be beside themselves trying to discover the culprit.

Each character is drawn in detail and fleshed out well. Lush descriptions and witty dialogue draw the reader in and lets their imagination run wild as they try to figure out for themselves exactly “whodunit”.

The manor itself becomes a central character in this delightful novel, with its long, dark hallways and mahogany drawing rooms. Readers can easily picture the events unfolding in this haunting, beautiful mansion.

With its fascinating plot twists, bewitching thematic elements, and a powerful ability to conjure mental imagery, Bradbury’s novel will have readers furiously turning pages from cover to cover. Inevitably, they will be eager for more and await the sophomore effort of this promising new author, Prospects.

Peter Bradbury Peter Bradbury has been a working English Butler since 1985, from the aristocracy to the wealthy to the not so wealthy. He was born and raised in the Northwest of England, where he still has family, before relocating to the USA in late 1994. Stonebridge Manor is his first novel, portraying life and humor in an English Country Mansion, with a murder thrown in for good measure. His second novel, Prospects, about two murderous, wealthy brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, is slated for release in July of 2012. For more information, please visit http://www.petercbradbury.com/.


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