Jyske Bank Engages Customers With Media Publisher’s Enterprise Video Technology

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — For Jyske Bank, the second-largest independent bank in Denmark, video is adding life to traditional forms of communications in a way that no other medium can match. Using technology from Media Publisher, the leader in Enterprise Video Communications, Jyske Bank uses video to optimize how customers and employees experience Jyske. For example, the bank leverages video to innovatively brand the bank, and communicate product announcements, financial services, and news updates.

The decision to leverage internal and external video communications throughout Jyske Bank was crucial to their ability to attract 5,000 new customers in the fourth quarter of 2006, compared to 8,000 -10,000 new customers that Jyske signs up in a typical year. “We were determined to have our customers experience Jyske Bank on an entirely new level – highly interactive and visually distinct to more traditional providers of financial services,” said Lars Aarup Jensen, who is head of corporate communications for Jyske Bank.

Today, when customers enter a Jyske Bank branch, they have immediate access to large video screens that display product information at every branch window and coffee bar. Jyske has installed product displays equipped with video screens, allowing customers to scan products and instantly receive video presentations that describe the details of the products scanned.

The enterprise video communications infrastructure is in place to manage the bank’s on-going video needs, including live webcasting, video on-demand editing and digital signage. Jyske Bank expects to expand its use of video on-demand to include staff training, as well as briefings with the media and analysts. Customers can also access product videos from the bank’s website, and Jyske customer advisors can show videos in hundreds of meeting rooms located throughout its branches.

“Our executive team had a vision to leverage technology to set the company apart and differentiate our services, and video is a core part of this vision,” said Lars Aarup Jensen. “Feedback from our customers has been very positive, which is crucial in the competitive retail banking environment. Video is helping us accomplish our goal of being first to offer more advanced services to banking customers.”

Jyske Bank is also using video to distribute company information to its 4,000 employees that are based in Gibraltar, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Poland. The bank creates a hosted weekly video news magazine for employees via the company’s internal website. “Feedback from our employees has been fantastic,” said Jensen. “We are able to communicate more effectively and innovatively, which is building morale, strengthening relationships, and helping us to communicate consistently to all of our employees.”

“Like many of our customers, Jyske Bank is a thought leader that has recognized the value and effectiveness of using video as a communications vehicle for delivering corporate information in a dynamic and memorable way,” said Steve Pattison, vice president of marketing and business development for Media Publisher. “However, managing enterprise video can be a complex process. As enterprises embrace the use of video, it has become more important to effectively and securely create, manage and distribute their video.”

About Media Publisher, Inc.

Media Publisher Inc. is the leader in Enterprise Video Communications. The company offers a complete suite of video applications – including solutions for live webcasting, video on-demand and digital signage – and a Video Control Center that manages a company’s existing content infrastructure. Media Publisher’s solution makes it easier for global 2000 companies to leverage business video, allowing them to communicate more efficiently and deliver a consistent message across distributed audiences. The company is privately held and based in Emeryville, California. For more information, visit http://www.mediapublisher.com.

About Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank employs a staff of more than 4,000 and operates 119 branches, making it the second-largest independent Danish bank. The bank offers a full range of financial solutions to retail as well as small and medium-sized corporate clients. With a goal of positioning Jyske Bank as Denmark’s most customer-oriented bank, Jyske has launched a strategy that presents the bank as a visible and distinct alternative to more traditional providers of financial services. Jyske Bank is headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark and can be found on the Web at http://www.jyskebank.info.


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