Kazan, McClain, Satterley, Lyons, Greenwood & Oberman Add New Attorneys

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Kazan, McClain, Satterley, Lyons, Greenwood & Oberman is pleased to announce that Ted Pelletier has joined the firm as the new head of the appellate and motions department and Carole Bosch and Julianna Rivera have joined the firm as associates.

Mr. Pelletier has handled dozens of appeals in the California Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court. One of his proudest accomplishments is successfully representing the first Californians to sue cigarette manufacturers, including two smokers who contracted asbestos disease from smoking 1950s Kent cigarettes that contained an asbestos filter. When asked why he chose to join the firm Mr. Pelletier said, “I knew from 17 years in this field that Kazan Law is the best. I always admired their high quality work. I had received overtures before from firms and it had never felt like a good fit — but this one did.”

Ms. Bosch has been successfully litigating cases on behalf of numerous plaintiffs affected by asbestos exposure since 2007. “Kazan Law has a reputation for doing high quality work for their clients. That is something I share and want to continue. It is what sets us apart from the many firms that do volume work as opposed to quality work,” Ms. Bosch said when asked about her goals with the firm.

A Detroit native, Ms. Rivera passed the Michigan Bar in 2011, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in late 2012 and passed the California Bar in February 2013. According to Ms. Rivera, ”I was very impressed with Kazan Law’s attorneys and the big victories they win for their clients. I wanted to be a part of a team that does meaningful and important work.”

Kazan Law is a nationally recognized plaintiff’s asbestos law firm with a particular expertise as asbestos lawyers fighting for victims of mesothelioma, a cancer that is a result of exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. Some of the principals in the firm are pioneers in asbestos litigation and among the most experienced asbestos lawyers in California. The firm’s attorneys have been instrumental in winning precedent-setting rulings by the California Appellate and Supreme Courts that have impacted asbestos law in California and ensured that asbestos victims have the opportunity to seek justice in the court system against those who caused their illness.


Steven Kazan


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