KettleGuard Wrist Wraps Offer Custom Protection for Kettlebell Lifters

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — The fitness experts at Ice Chamber are on a mission to promote the sport of kettlebell lifting, and they’ve recently designed a custom product to make sure lifters are safe and comfortable during their workout. KettleGuard, the patent-pending product for kettlebell wrist protection, pulls on and off like a standard padded wrist band but with a slimmer fit and 360 degrees of adjustable inserts for varying levels of protection. KettleGuards are lightweight, sweat absorbent, machine washable, and cost $24.99 on the company’s Web site

Equally as important as shin guards for soccer players, KettleGuards are a must for both kettlebell fitness training and sport competition. Already worn by several kettlebell champions around the world, the reinforced kettlebell wrist guards help avoid forearm discomfort while completing long cycles and techniques such as cleans, jerks, and snatches. Forearm and wrist soreness is a common problem amongst kettlebell lifters, who before KettleGuard was invented had to resort to flimsy athletic wrap, breakable plastic wrist shields, or bulky wrist bands to help solve their discomfort. Some lifters even opt to endure the pain and bypass protection altogether for fear of impeding their technique. Now, with KettleGuard’s slim-fitting and unbreakable design, lifters utilizing the kettlebell forearm guard can train and compete safely, accurately, and comfortably.

“We’re so excited to launch this product to master kettlebell lifters and amateurs alike,” said Jessica DiBiase, Master of Sport, co-founder of KettleGuard, and member of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls (ICKB) team. “KettleGuard is such a convenient and necessary tool for kettlebell lifters and we’re confident it’s the best and only option on the market custom designed for this sport.”

DiBiase is the first American Female Master of Sport in the Long Cycle, 2011 IUKL amateur World Champion, and one of the first women in the world to compete in the Biathlon with the 20kg kettlebell. She is an avid enthusiast of the sport and has made it her mission to promote its effectiveness and unparalleled results to both men and women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds. The sport of kettlebells, originating in the 1700s by Russian strongmen and introduced as an exercise in the United States in 2001, was donned by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) in 2010 as offering twice the results in half the time when compared to standard weight training exercises. Buzz and interest in the kettlebell workout has grown considerably in the past few years, and researchers tout it as quick, effective, and the perfect balance of both cardio and strength training in one.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about kettlebell lifting – that it’s geared for buff men, that it makes you bulky, or that it’s strenuous on your joints – all of which are scientifically and practically proven to be untrue,” said DiBiase, whose petite frame and lean, post-baby body speak louder than any study. “It’s a convenient workout for busy professionals, moms, or anyone wanting an effective workout in a short amount of time – and you don’t really need any costly training equipment, gear, or even a gym membership, just a kettlebell and a pair of KettleGuards!”

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About Ice Chamber Kettlebell (ICKB) Girls ICKB GIRLS are a team of four women – Jessica DiBiase, Sara Nelson, Maya Garcia, and Surya Voinar-Fowler – all dedicated to the art of kettlebell lifting and the spirit of competition. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, their mission is to chronicle the training and lifestyle of their team as well as the culture of Kettlebell Sport around the globe. ICKB Girls are also the first all-female Kettlebell Sport team in the world, the first group of women to compete with the 20-24kg kettlebell under the WKC rank system, and the only team in the country to be 100% comprised of Masters of Sport. The women, all record-setters in various kettlebell competitions, have appeared on television news broadcasts to help dispel common misconceptions about the sport of kettlebell and promote its multitude of health and fitness benefits. For more information about ICKB Girls, please visit

About Ice Chamber Ice Chamber is an athletic performance training program with a 7,000 sq. ft. facility located in Richmond, Calif. The company was founded by Steven Khuong, CSCS, and Maya Garcia, CSCS, both certified coaches through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and Master Coaches and Master Trainers with the World Kettlebell Club. Team members of Ice Chamber have lectured and taught kettlebells at Fortune 1000 corporations such as Google and The GAP, and have helped people of all ages and conditions surpass their fitness goals, from beginners up to Olympic athletes. The founders also hold the prestigious position of CEU/CEC Provider as approved by National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise to grant continuing education credits to professionals in the fitness industry. For more information about Ice Chamber, please visit


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