Keyspan Ships New USB PS/2 Adapter for PC and Macintosh

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Keyspan, AmericaÂ’s leading brand of USB connectivity solutions* announced it is now shipping its new USB PS/2 Adapter. Supporting both PC and Macintosh computers, the USB PS/2 Adapter makes it easy to connect a PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse to a single USB port.

The Keyspan USB PS/2 Adapter solves a connectivity problem resulting from the lack of PS/2 ports on most new PC laptops and desktops, and AppleÂ’s new Mac mini ships without a keyboard or mouse. The USB PS/2 Adapter enables users to easily connect a PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse to a Mac miniÂ’s USB port.

On Windows there is no software to install. Users simply plug in the adapter to a USB port on the PC then plug the keyboard and mouse into the color-coded connectors on the adapter.

For Macintosh users, a software utility is provided that re-maps the PS/2 keyboard and mouse for optimal use on a Mac. This utility, HID Helper, is available as a free download from the Keyspan web site. HID Helper functions include: Swap windows/alt keys; map media keys to the pull down menu of ITunes, [QuickTime, DVD Player, and Safari; map volume/mute keys to OSX equivalents; map F12 to Eject, Map mouse right click to option-left click, and Map mouse middle/wheel to scroll up/down (page up/down).

“We’ve done the little things that make this adapter special“ noted Mike Ridenhour, president at Keyspan. “It features a power LED, dual color coded PS/2 connectors, and simple software that makes a PS/2 keyboard act like a Mac keyboard when connected to a Mac.”

Retailing at $19, the Keyspan USB PS/2 Adapter is available to resellers through Ingram Micro, D&H and Wynit, and is available to end users from CDW,, Frys, Apple Specialist Resellers and other leading computer products retailers.

About Keyspan

NPD Distributor Hardware Accessory Report shows that Keyspan is the top selling brand of USB connectivity products for the last three years. KeyspanÂ’s cards, hubs, adapters, and remotes offer reliable connectivity solutions for the home, school, and office.


Bill Gram-reefer