Kids Crafts Website Announces New Crafts Contest For Kids, Parents and Teachers

Alamo, California (EastBayDaily) — announces a new kids crafts contest for children, parents, teachers and educators. provides consistently updated and unique kids crafts made from easily found supplies, with video and photo step-by-step instructions., which was developed with elements from the successful Look, Learn and Do Publications series of children’s books, was built for people with an interest in kids crafts to connect with one another, share craft ideas and projects, create interest groups and have fun.

The developers of believe that while there are many kids crafts sites on the web that have been around for many years, very few of them allow for quality submissions of crafts by non-professionals. allows anyone who enjoys making crafts to submit photos and videos of their own creations for anyone to see.

Entrants in the photo submission category are encouraged to make their own versions of crafts found in “The Professor’s Projects” section of, and to upload photos with comments or instructions. These crafts are all made from recycled materials and are developed with all age groups in mind. The only restrictions for the contest are that each craft must be made primarily from recyclable materials. Examples can be found online in the kids crafts photo section of

Entries in the Video submission category are encouraged to submit videos of instructions on how to make crafts that are suitable for children. Videos may not be embedded videos from third party video services, must be uploaded to and the submitter must either be the owner of the video or have permission of the owner to upload the video. Entries will be judged on originality and clarity of craft instructions by LooLeDo staff.

Entrants must join as registered members to upload photos and video submissions. All submissions will be reviewed by staff, and may be displayed on the site for others to view. Entries must be received by March 8th, 2010 to be considered for judging, and winners will be announced by March 22, 2010. All entries will be made available for others to see if they are appropriate for the contest.

Winners will receive signed hardcover copies of Mark Icanberry’s award winning Look, Learn, and Do publications for children: Extraordinary Projects from Ordinary Objects, Picnic on a Cloud, and Super Salads.

“With our Best Kids Crafts contest, we hope to see exciting and unique versions of a wide variety of kids crafts. We have been encouraged by the strong international support we have received from LooLeDo fans since our launch, and we want to continue encouraging people all over the world to make crafts out of recyclable objects,” said Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications. users can currently register and upload photo albums and photos of crafts they have made, with customizable descriptions and tags, and can share their photos with other users and viewers. Users can also upload their own videos or link to others.

Membership is free, and offers users a wide variety of features. Members are able to     Comment and rate other people’s projects     Send messages to other users     Invite friends to join     Create and manage individual craft interest groups     Edit their own profile and home page     Upload their own videos in a wide variety of common video formats, and tag and describe their videos for others     Create their own photo albums, and upload photos into these albums with step-by-step instructions for other users to follow when making kids crafts

With the launch of, kids, parents, teachers and educators now have a website that allows them to use their imaginations and creativity while sharing their crafts and science projects with others.

“We want to provide craft ideas for parents and teachers and to teach people that you don’t need a lot of money or expensive supplies to have fun making crafts,” says Icanberry.


Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications, and author of the successful Look, Learn & Do Series of children’s books, founded in September 2009. LooLeDo.Com is headquartered in Alamo, CA.


Mark Icanberry