KiSSFLOW’s War of Workflows winners 2012 announced; Healthcare workflow wins real-world workflow category

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — OrangeScape KiSSFLOW is the first workflow creation app specifically built for Google Apps. It offers customers a simple and efficient way to automate workflows around their existing email user base. Last month, OrangeScape announced War of Workflows (WoW) contest for all Google Apps customers to create workflows using KiSSFLOW.

The WoW contest drew competition from participants across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Contestants created a wide variety of HR and admin processes such as employee recruitment, employee onboarding, leave approval, expense claim, service request workflows. Domain specific workflows such as out patient visit, admission process were also submitted as contest entries. The winning workflow entries were submitted by Poornachander Gourishetty from Hyderabad, India and Manfred Hucke from Stuttgart, Germany. They will each receive a Nexus 7 tablet and WoW 2012 award.

“Healthcare is one place where you need workflows to be streamlined and focused. However, because of the number of people or departments involved, most of the times it is hard to control a patient's treatment cycle. And imagine the number of documents you deal with for a patient's treatment cycle.” said Poornachander Gourishetty, winner WoW contest, about his decision for choosing “Out Patient Visit” workflow for the contest. “KiSSFLOW and Google is a great combination to handle this problem. I leveraged the rich options on KiSSFLOW that could make the workflow very simple. In couple of hours any business can be running with the KiSSFLOW workflows. As long as we are clear on what we want the workflow to be like, we will need few hours to make it happen on KiSSFLOW.”

This week, Charles Webster, President of EHR Workflow Inc, blogged about Meaningful Use 2.0 certified EHR based on Google Apps and KISSFLOW. Poornachander’s “Out Patient Visit” workflow is a good example of how an easy-to-use workflow technology like KiSSFLOW can be useful in healthcare. On the other hand, Manfred Hucke created the most comprehensive workflow by using the maximum number of features in KiSSFLOW.

“KiSSFLOW offers overwhelming set of opportunities for organizing your daily processes with a snip.” said Manfred Hucke, the other winner of WoW contest. “KiSSFLOW helps to overcome the challenges of developing workflows. After all, Workflow design is not as easy as it seems to be. After the first branches you can tangle up easily. Also, a change can be a real pain. After all, a tool needs to be comprehensible. All this is included in KiSSFLOW. For me, it's been pleasure to get behind the model of the design. I also really appreciate the support the company gave during my tries, even in this early stage of the product. Great work. I am looking forward to see the increasing popularity of this tool in terms of spread and usage.”

Both the winners have won this contest despite heavy competition across the globe and have raised the bar for the kind of workflows that can be created on KiSSFLOW. War of workflows contest will be back next year with much more exciting prizes. For Google Apps users who want to try out KiSSFLOW, the free trial will be available on the home page.

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