KODAK Gallery adds New Mobile app for ANDROID Devices

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — KODAK Gallery (http://www.kodakgallery.com), the only online photo service uniquely designed for celebrating KODAK MOMENTS together, announced a new version of the KODAK Gallery app for ANDROID phones and TABLETS, including a version for the KINDLE FIRE. The app is available for free in the ANDROID Marketplace and AMAZON Appstore.

“The ANDROID platform user has been underserved when it comes to photo applications, and we’re excited to be one of the only online photo services to provide an app specifically for people with ANDROID phones and TABLETS,” said Victor Cho, General Manager of KODAK Gallery, Eastman Kodak Company. “Now a group of friends with different devices can instantly share and view photos from a memorable event, regardless of what tablets, phone or computers they use. The photo of your daughter blowing out her birthday candles that your sister took with her iPhone, can easily show up on everyone’s KINDLE FIRE, iPad, iPhone, ANDROID Platform device, PC or Mac.”

The KODAK Gallery App for the ANDROID Platform allows users to view their entire KODAK Gallery photo collection, upload photos captured on their phones, and collect photos from an event with their friends in a Group Album. The App also includes sharing by email, text and the FACEBOOK Site, and push notifications when photos, comments, and Likes are added to an album. Photos uploaded through the App are instantly available on the KODAK Gallery website where they can be turned into photo products such as prints, magnets and photo books.

The shifting trend towards mobile is evident in how people are capturing and sharing photos with friends. A KODAK Gallery album created on a mobile phone has 30 percent more photos than one created online. Since version 2.0 of the KODAK Gallery App for iPhone devices launched last fall, more than five million photos have been uploaded through a mobile app. In addition, the number of photos from a mobile device increased 44 times in the last year.

The KODAK Gallery App for ANDROID has been ranked in the top 25 free photo apps in the ANDROID Marketplace and is in the top 10 in the AMAZON Appstore. The KODAK Gallery App for the iPhone is also ranked among the top 25 free photo apps in the App Store. The ANDROID, KINDLE FIRE and iPhone apps are all developed internally at KODAK Gallery.

Group Albums

KODAK Gallery introduced Group Albums in 2011 and the concept is changing the way people share photos. Multiple people upload, share and comment on photos all in one place, for free, and the KODAK Gallery Group Album has 2.5 times the number of photos as a regular Gallery Album. Using the KODAK Gallery App on mobile device makes it the easiest way for a group of friends to collect and share all the photos they take together at party or on a trip and view them on an iPhone, ANDROID phone, KINDLE FIRE or computer.

“More than 35 million photos have been uploaded to a Group Album and more than five million through the mobile App,” said Mark Cook, Vice President of Products. “What’s most important is the joy people feel having all the pictures from an event; for example, a bride who has hundreds of pictures her guests took at her wedding reception. With our new mobile App for ANDROID and our existing iPhone version, people can start sharing and interacting with those pictures while the event is still going on.”

Never Miss a Moment with KODAK Gallery’s Group Albums. See what people had to say about their missed moments on "KODAK Gallery’s Never Miss a Moment" man on the street video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MP4XGxAb8Q About Kodak As the world's foremost imaging innovator, KODAK helps consumers, businesses, and creative professionals unleash the power of pictures and printing to enrich their lives.

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