Kristi Frank of “The Apprentice” Chosen As Ben Altadonna’s Chiropractic Marketing Spokesperson

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — Chiropractic marketing is going through a complete shift; due to the economy, doctors of Chiropractic can no longer afford to take time off to attend expensive seminars or commit to what some consultants call “coaching”.

As a result, Ben Altadonna, president of Altadonna Communications, Inc. has responded by creating an extremely affordable full service product that does virtually all the practice building for doctors so they can go to the office, treat patients, get paid, and go home and live a normal life free of anxiety and financial pressure.

“”I’ve never been more proud of my work,” says Altadonna. “I’ve created strategic alliances with the top names in Chiropractic to help me create exactly everything a chiropractor needs to succeed or get to the next level fast.”

Kristi Frank has recently signed on with Altadonna Communications to share the benefits of “The Building Alliance”.

“Kristi is not only a chiropractic patient, she lives the chiropractic lifestyle. I am proud to work with her. She represents what our company is all about; health, balance, healthy ambition.” Says Altadonna.

If you are interested in building your practice in a relaxed low pressure manor, go to, an unusually simple page that will get you started FREE!


Larry Froncek
Altadonna Communications, Inc.