KT Media has Developed a New Content Migration Strategy Leading to Many Websites’ Success


Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — Content is king, as they say, but many companies, especially those launching new websites, fail to create an effective content strategy. This failure results in scope creep, missed deadlines, and additional costs. In an effort to combat this problem, KT Media is announcing the release of a new service aimed at Website Content Migration Strategy.

The spokesperson for KT Media explained, “After spending 15 years developing and managing websites, I have found time and time again, that the ability to find content quickly, as well as the content quality is monumental to a site’s success and that is why creation and implementation of a well-developed website content migration strategy is vital.”

KT Media’s Content Migration Strategy covers all the sources of content including databases, CMSs, site pages and binary files. KT Media will also create a resource plan for new content and optimization of the existing content according to the new layout. While summarizing their number of services, the spokesperson for KT Media adds, ’We are offering a complete migration strategy package along with a navigation editing strategy, content review strategy, governance, guidelines strategy and continual training.’

KT media also handles the Metadata for internal and external Search Engine Indexing and transfer of content to off-site sources. This is one of the largest overlooked steps when defining scope.

Content migration can be a very critical and time-consuming task. It requires a dedicated team to properly plan and carry-out the process efficiently. ‘It is not just about copy-pasting the existing content’, explains the spokesperson, ’when using bulk content population, you must manually go into each page of the site and optimize the content gaps, accuracy, relevancy, layout, CSS, images, and digital assets. Our dedicated content management experts ensure a smooth completion of this complicated task.’

Content management strategy is mostly overlooked by the businesses because of lack of in-house resources available for handling this task. Consequently, they face a lot of problems and delays when it comes to populating their new site with content. Hiring a dedicated content management and migration service team during the project planning can save these companies much frustration, as well as meet their end-user goals with accuracy.

KT Media helps companies reduce the time they would otherwise have to spend optimizing each page of their content across all available content sources. The new service will help companies create a plan for updating their content well into the future.

About KT Media, Inc.

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