Lafayette/Los Altos Lice Removal Salon LoveBugs Warns of Lice Infestations at Summer Camps

Lafayette, California (EastBayDaily) — As a Lafayette and Los Altos trusted lice removal salon, LoveBugs has recently experienced an upsurge in lice treatments from children who are attending summer camps in the South Bay. The huge outbreak in the South San Francisco Bay Area has resulted in many children being sent home from camp until they are treated.

“We have been very busy in our Los Altos salon this summer because of lice outbreaks at camps. We had to hire a new person and send people from our Lafayette salon to the South Bay to help with checks and lice removal due to the huge lice outbreak. Parents have been picking their children up from camps, bringing them straight to LoveBugs, then returning them to camp with a LoveBugs lice clearance form. It has been a very busy summer,” Marika Mavromatis of LoveBugs said.

LoveBugs not only provides free head checks as a community service but also offers quick, easy and complete lice removal. In addition, LoveBugs provides a certificate of lice clearance so that children may return to camp. For children who have yet to attend camp, parents should consider having a free head check completed.

At the private, garden-like salons nestled in downtown Lafayette or Los Altos, LoveBugs discreetly treats lice problems with LoveBugs’ non-toxic, lice removal technique and special formula that was invented in Greece more than 40 years ago. The products used at LoveBugs are non-toxic, 100-percent vegetarian, 100-percent natural, never tested on animals and made with organic essential oils. The salon does not use harsh chemicals or pesticides because there are risks associated with exposing anyone to harmful chemicals.

For more information about any of LoveBugs’ products or services, call 925-283-7700 or 650-917-1000, or view the company on the Web at

About LoveBugs

LoveBugs specializes in lice removal by using gentle and nontoxic methods. Marika Mavromatis’ business was one of the first of its kind in the Bay Area, and highly recommended by Bay Area pediatricians and Bay Area mothers. LoveBugs’ clients come from as far away as Sacramento, Modesto and Carmel to receive her services.

LoveBugs features two locations at 3746 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 122, in Lafayette; and 1148 Riverside Drive in Los Altos.


Mailana Maromatis