Lanesplitter Pizza is Open, No Strike After Two-Person “Walkout” in Oakland

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Lanesplitter Pizza remained open for business, and staff continued to serve guests at Lanesplitter Pub in the Temescal area of Oakland on Monday night after two servers abandoned their positions. There is no strike at Lanesplitter Pizza, contrary to third party misstatements.

In an attempt to maximize damage, the two servers dismissed other staff early, prior to abandoning their positions. Former employees, who happened to be at the restaurant, jumped in to help remaining staff complete the dinner service. Since Monday, Lanesplitter’s hard-working staff has continued to come to work and the restaurants remain open.

“We thank all the employees that stayed on to serve guests during the disruption. We genuinely appreciate your professionalism and service,” said Vic Gumper, Co-Founder.

“Lanesplitter has grown a lot these past few years, and we strive to continually improve as an employer and a business,” said Dan Rogers, Co-Founder. “Open dialogue, diversity and employee satisfaction are very important to us.”

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Lanesplitter offers all employees paid vacation days, a meal plan and employee discounts. Employees maintaining 30 hours per week or more for six months are eligible for Blue Shield health insurance, which Lanesplitter subsidizes.

Lanesplitter Pizza, based in Berkeley, California, was founded 15 years ago. With the support of many dedicated staff and the surrounding community, Lanesplitter has grown to five locations in Berkeley, Albany, Oakland and Emeryville, with terrific employees serving many happy guests. Learn more at


Lisa LaMagna
Lisa LaMagna Public Relations