Larry Johnson Introduces New Book, Those Fun Lovin’ Ferrets & The Magical Stone

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — New book,“Those Fun Lovin’ Ferrets & The Magical Stone” is a fast moving children’s fiction novel by first time author, Larry Johnson. It is filled with wonderful adventure, frequent subliminal positive lessons for children, interactive participation within its pages, and it deliberately engages the young reader’s imagination.

The adventure begins when two disappointed siblings, named Frinkles and Fusha Ferret, move to a seemingly quiet and boring small town. Within days they discover something is different about their street. First, all the houses face westward. Why? Then they hear that there is a magical stone somewhere near where they live, but where? To their surprise they meet a timid little firefly, whom they name Fade-Away, that is able to talk because she has seen and touched the magical stone. They become best friend with her and she leads them to the magical stone. The stone looked plain and simple with the words, “The Riddelia,” chiseled on the front of it.

Upon visiting the stone they discover the stone goes through a metamorphosis from a dull gray boulder to a beautiful clear crystal gemstone when the word, “The Riddelia,” is spoken to it. Gee-tos-me-le-tos, the stone is magical! The inside of the stone transforms and reveals a far away mystical planet called Phylan. One problem, unless the riddles that appeared on the crystal walls of the transformed stone are solved, the journey to the planet could not occur. Will Frinkles, Fusha, and Fade-Away be able to answer the three riddles inside The Riddelia and go on a journey that is out of this world? They want all of their friends to join them and have a-lot, a-lot of fun!

The book can be ordered at your local bookstore. More information is available at and It is also currently available at in hardback, paperback, and on Kindle.

Recommended ages: 8-13


Larry Johnson