Larry King Divorces at 76 — New Book Reveals What it Means for Anyone Over 50 to Divorce

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — The tabloids are aflutter with the recent news of Larry King’s impending divorce. In fact, it seems that this is the week of the divorce with so many celebrities announcing the end to their marriages. But for King, a celebrated 76 year old talk show host, it is his 8th divorce (he divorced one of his 7 wives twice). So, what does it mean for someone of his age and financial stature to go through a late-in-life divorce? What makes his divorce any different than anyone else’s? In her new book, “Divorce After 50” (Nolo, April 2010), author, attorney and expert Janice Green answers these and many other questions about the graying of the “D” word.

Questions and concerns include: How aging affects the decision to divorce How health conditions influence all aspects of divorce, including division of property The roles played by adult children in their parents’ divorce Ways to survive the financial earthquake when you’re feeling most vulnerable Uncovering the games people play to TRY to hide their assets Divorces due to dementia, cheating, and more Says attorney and author Janice Green, “Divorce at any age is a time of upheaval. But after age 50, divorce has a different feel, a different context, and a collection of issues not encountered by younger spouses…having more years behind you than ahead of you is a truth that shifts priorities and refocuses the lens through which you experience life, and now, divorce.”

People who divorce after 50 think about a marital split in relation to their health, their retirement security, their adult children’s reactions — all with a heightened anxiety that accompanies the awareness of having limited time to recover emotionally and financially from divorce.

Attitudes toward aging also contribute to graying divorce. One spouse is hopeful and the other is despondent about the aging process — creating fissures in the relationship. Other themes running through late-life divorce include:

rediscovered sexuality reactions to serious illness motivating loss lack of common purpose cultural forces revolving door of serial divorce Later in life divorce involves estate planning as a settlement tool, piggy-backing on the former spouse’s Social Security benefits, looking for assets to generate income, reducing risk by creating a balanced portfolio through the divorce settlement, retooling for the workforce at a time when you thought you would be coasting — issues that are not present, or not as important, in earlier decades.

Divorce can be an expensive exercise. Foremost at this age is conservation of assets. “Divorce After 50″ offers advice and guidance that empowers the reader and provides tips to reduce the costs of divorce.

If you are interested in interviewing Janice Green, please contact Andrea Burnett at 650.207.0917 or andrea(at)andreaburnett(dot)com. Janice lives in Texas.

About Janice Green: Janice Green has practiced law for more than 30 years and is a partner in Farris & Green, a top-rated law boutique firm in Austin, Texas. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and is named to Best Lawyers in America. She is a frequent and popular family law lecturer and has published numerous articles for family law attorneys.

About the book: ”Divorce after 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal & Financial Challenges” By Janice Green Nolo April 2010 $29.99 US ISBN: 9781413310818 Available at


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