Last Graduation of the Year at the Team Silva Martial Arts Academy

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Self-defense, fitness, exercise, confidence boost and much more, Martial Arts has many uses and advantages. The Team Silva Martial Arts Academy, led by world champion Sergio Silva is committed to training individuals in the art so that they can gain the best out of their bodies in terms of strength, stamina, shape, physique, metabolism and much more. They are proud to be hosting their last graduation ceremony of the year where the students will be evaluated based on what they have learnt in the past year. The academy will honor them with belts that will be an indicator of the level they have reached and also symbolizes their progress. The academy also has students who are just four years of age who have pulled up their socks for evaluation and are all set to move to the advanced levels of training.

The ceremony starts at 10:00am and for the next hour and a half, Prof Silva will be presenting a seminar and performing the belt evaluation ceremony where he will confirm who moves to the next level and who does not. The ceremony will be held in the Team Silva Hayward Martial Arts Academy building and is going to be one of the most memorable moments in the lives of the future champions as they make progress in their training.

About us:

Team Silva Martial Arts Academy has given the world UFC champions for over two decades. Headed by the Brazilian Champion Prof. Sergio Silva, this academy has a curriculum that is one of a kind. Armed with certified trainers who perform at the forefront of their profession, they also put in their personal touch that not only makes a trainee stronger and healthier, but also helps in the shaping of their personality and also being confident. The academy was started as a small dojo that trained and helped young students in defending themselves, which has now turned into an academy with various branches that are all well equipped to provide training and knowledge in different Martial Art forms.


Sergio Silva


Sergio Silva