Latest Ported Shoe Concept Unveiled

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — ArchPort Shoes , the inventor of shoes with a wallet in the sole, introduces the “Yogi Stash,” a stable, light, supportive walking sandal, designed for trips to and from the yoga studio. ArchPort sandals are the only footwear products with a wallet in the sole. They are patented and named for the “port” in the arch area of the sandal. ArchPort’s include an opening in the sole designed to carry keys, credit cards, IDs, cash and other small articles.

While the new ArchPort sandal is designed with Yogis in mind, ArchPort sandals are well suited for poolside activities, beach use, and for any activity where consumers do not want to be bothered carrying small items in their pockets.

In 2007, VF Outdoor launched a similar sandal product (the Reef Stash) also with a removable wallet in the sole. VF successfully reached markets worldwide, but the product was taken off the market following litigation and allegations of product infringement by ArchPort Inventor Matt Potts. ArchPort exclusively offers the only shoe products with removable compartments. ”This new ArchPort sandal is a further refinement of ten years of product development. It is very comfortable and includes an easily removable wallet in the soles of the sandals. It is ideal for trips to and from Yoga, the gym or anywhere you go when you don’t want to carry a wallet or purse…just slip in them and go” says Potts.

Inventor Matt Potts is the visionary who first announced the possibilities of carrying wallet items and electronic devices such as MP3 players and GPS in the soles of footwear .” My concept is to design interchangeable cartridges that can be inserted into the footwear sole; GPS cartridges, MP3 players and other useful technologies, including cell phone devices.” At the turn of the millennium Potts filed patents with Applied Digital Solutions, an early adopter of GPS technologies, and is currently working with other companies to develop other useful applications. “It is only a matter of time before these concepts are adopted in the market,” says Potts.

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