Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant, Berkeley’s Private Dining Venue, Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant, featuring an expansive selection, brunch menu and banquet hall, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The restaurant has seen a lot of changes over the years, but the business has remained basically the same, with many of the same employees and customers remaining loyal year after year.

“The boat keeps sailing on through during these turbulent times,” Arlene Giordano said. “We have definitely had our share of storms lately.”

Wednesday music nights have also been delighting customers for five years now, and in the future, Le Bateau Ivre will only improve with its other upcoming treats and events.

The bakers at Le Bateau have been experimenting with new cookie recipes and have received largely popular comments from customers who have enjoyed these sweet additions. Especially popular is Le Bateau’s latest French-origin, flourless chocolate cookie, which has proven to be a huge hit with customers.

“I have been a customer intermittently since the mid-1970s. With all the travel over the years, that is even more reason to value this special place in Berkeley. Le Bateau Ivre is a place needed in today's world. Besides the coffee and the meals, it's a place where it is possible to sip a sherry with something light to eat while waiting for a good friend…It is a place where time spent and enjoyed to candlelight would be worthy of descriptive prose,” said Stepha G. from Sierra Madre.

For more information about Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant, call 510-423-0764, view the restaurant on the web at http://www.lebateauivre.net or visit 2629 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

About Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant

Berkeley’s Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant fuses European styles with international and traditional favorites. Its personalized establishment provides private dining; weekend brunches; a banquet hall; breakfast, lunch and dinner selections; a full bar; and free WiFi.


Arlene Giordano