Leading Contingent Workforce Specialist Albany Services Signifies Bright Future as Company Rebrands to ClearPath Workforce Management

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Albany Services, one of the top ranked contingent labor engagement and compliance specialists, announced today the rebranding of the company as ClearPath Workforce Management.

The change in name and branding is the realization of a distinct identity for a firm that has been a pioneer in the field for almost 20 years. It follows the management-buyout of the company from its UK based former parent company.

“We believe ClearPath Workforce Management more accurately describes and better aligns with our company’s mission to provide compliant and cost effective solutions for our client’s contingent workforces,” said president and CEO Renee Fink. “This change in name and branding is the next natural step toward the vision we hold for our company. In the coming months we will be making several more exciting announcements about our service offerings”.

With both federal and state agencies increasing their scrutiny and enforcement of non-compliance in the use of Independent Contractors, ClearPath is well positioned to prosper in this environment. The company has a long history of successfully delivering contractor payroll and engagement programs that focus on risk mitigation, with a management team that has almost 100 years of combined experience in the contingent workforce field.

ClearPath’s proprietary web-based ClearIC service serves as one of the industry’s leading Independent Contractor compliance programs. This web-based program is designed to evaluate whether a worker should be classified as an IC versus employee, and protect companies from the risks of 1099 misclassification. ClearPayroll enables companies to compliantly engage and pay their pre-identified contract workers – those sourced through internal referral channels – as Independent Contractors, 1099s or W-2s of ClearPath.

“Last year we were ranked in the top five specialist contractor payrolling and compliance firms by Staffing Industry Analysts,” said Jason Posel, senior president of strategy and solutions, adding “our continued growth and enviable client retention levels over the last several years reflects not only the satisfaction our clients have with our services, but the increasing focus corporations large and small have on efficiently dealing with the compliance and administrative challenges associated with contingent labor”.

About ClearPath ClearPath is a leading certified woman-owned HRO with a focus on the contingent labor market. With almost 20 years of experience in delivering contractor engagement, payroll and compliance programs, the firm’s solutions include ClearPayroll and ClearIC. ClearPath provides its clients with seamlessly integrated solutions that enable them to engage the contract talent they require in a compliant, cost-effective and efficient manner. ClearPath delivers solutions throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.


Jason Posel
ClearPath Workforce Management, Inc.