Leading Precious Metals Dealer Wholesale Gold Group Re-Launches Web Site, Opens Online Store

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Wholesale Gold Group, one of the Web’s leading precious metals dealers, is pleased to announce the recent re-launch of its Web site, http://www.WholesaleGoldGroup.com , and the opening of its new online store, offering a wide range of gold and silver coins. Committed to providing clients the best value, selection and service in the industry, Wholesale Gold Group’s newly redesigned site provides metals investors a quick, easy and profitable experience.

“Precious metals investment is a highly lucrative market, but there’s so much to know that it’s easy for investors to be wary or confused. Wholesale Gold Group is designed to give people the information they need to know about investing in gold and silver, as well as give them a guaranteed, trusted way to do so,” says Michael MacDonald, president of Wholesale Gold Group.

Investment in precious metals such as gold and silver is one of the best financial decisions that investors can make today. Gold is bought and sold in U.S. dollars, so any decline in the value of the dollar causes the price of gold to rise. With the dollar’s recent downturn and further depreciation predicted, the price of gold is rising and should continue to rise. In addition, as inflation goes up, the price of gold goes up along with it. Faced with an unprecedented debt burden, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stated on record that the federal government will head to the printers to increase the nation’s money supply, if necessary. Other factors play into gold’s investment value as well, including a decreasing supply, an increasing demand and low interest rates that discourage both hedging and financial speculation on the short side.

As evident by all these variables, investing in precious metals can be quite confusing, especially for the first time investor. Unlike other companies in the precious metals industry, Wholesale Gold Group provides investors a fully transparent and easy to use service, including a no-fee buy back policy and a low-price guarantee. If a client finds an identical product at a lower price, in-stock and available for purchase the same day, Wholesale Gold Group will refund the difference.

Wholesale Gold Group’s recently launched online store features gold and silver coins that are “must haves” for every investor’s portfolio, including Gold Double Eagle St. Gaudens, Liberty Gold, British Sovereigns, Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars. The company offers highly competitive rates for pre-1933 gold coins, European gold coins and silver. As a low overhead, high-volume dealer with the lowest commissions in the industry, clients pay less for metals at Wholesale Gold Group.

A leading dealer in private gold and silver coins, Wholesale Gold Group also features more than 250 gold and silver products for custom order. Investors can place a custom order by calling 1-800-745-2992.

For more information on Wholesale Gold Group or to start investing in precious metals, visit http://www.WholesaleGoldGroup.com.


Michael MacDonald
Wholesale Gold Group