LeapFish Fights Anonymous Online Attacks, Moves to Unmask Attacker Identities

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — LeapFish, a multi-media search engine, announced today its intent to investigate with particular ISPs to unmask anonymous attackers attacking its customers, supporters and employees. LeapFish reported that the attackers would identify victims on Twitter and follow up with artificial emails requesting account access information, coercing clients to cancel their ad programs and attacking employees with threats of physical harm.

The company reported that its clients are being attacked by anonymous emails asking for access information and/or coercing clients to cancel their ad programs. “Our clients are forwarding anonymous emails and attesting to anonymous phone calls that coerce them into cancelling their ad programs, citing Twitter as the meeting place,” said Mark Kithcart, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience.

The company reported that the anonymous attacks are also directed toward company officials and employees in the form of anonymous hate emails threatening individuals with death, personal harm as well as racially laced derogatory statements. “Our employees are receiving an onslaught of utterly disgusting anonymous hate emails that threaten them with harm to their reputation and embarrassment with no clear reason as to why,” said Kithcart. “The anonymous attackers utilize code names including ‘American hero’, ‘good citizen’ and ‘your friend’, that seem to also be used in attacks in comments on various articles and blogs about the company online.

The company also reported that is has been experiencing a consistent onslaught of attacks on Twitter targeted at its clients and employees. The attacks originate from multiple Twitter accounts that also attack LeapFish customers, employees and supporters. “We are unclear as to whether there is any connection between these Twitter users and the anonymous attackers, but we know the anonymous emails to clients and employees cite Twitter as the meeting place,” said Kithcart. “Perceived or real, we take all threats seriously and we will move to unmask their anonymity,” he said.

With Google’s recent unmasking of the “anonymous blogger” lending precedence, LeapFish is moving to work with particular ISPs in order to unmask and identify the anonymity of the attackers.

For more information on the recent attacks visit blog.leapfish.com

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