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Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — According to many business and first class travelers, meal service and the meal quality is a major selling point on which airline they choose to fly. Today, loyalty among business class passengers is dwindling as travelers become more frugal on how much they spend on air fare. In addition, companies who primarily book business and first class for employees are scaling back on travel expenses and booking more and more in economy.

Business travel booking website and travel experts, Lets Fly Cheaper conducted their own study on which of the six legacy airlines in America offer the best food based on the quality and the overall service of the meal. The data used by Lets Fly Cheaper came from hundreds of business and first class passenger reviews and ratings from the airline ranking site, Skytrax. Delta Airlines took the top spot based on passenger reviews. Skytrax ranks Delta with four stars for food quality and three stars on service. American Airlines took the number two spot.

The free airline meal is no longer an option in economy class, primarily on domestic routes. Business and first class are the only places to get free meal service on most of America's major carriers. In order to stay competitive, the airlines have been hard at work perfecting their in flight menus by offering signature dishes, created by professional chefs. “A good meal in business or first class in combination with great service is a big deal, especially for those passengers who fly very frequently. They are looking for an airline they can stay loyal to” says Lets Fly Cheaper CEO, Ramon van Meer. He also mentions that the consistency of offering a good product is equally as important.

Van Meer also feels there are still airlines in the U.S who take pride in the quality and presentation of their business and first class meal service. “The meal is one of the main things passengers look forward to, so why not make it somewhat impressionable” says van Meer.

Brittany Young, a casino executive who flies over a dozen times a year, says she read airline reviews on various websites and blogs before settling on one airline. “There are three major airlines I could choose from. I went online and did a little research on which one had the better product. Meal quality and meal service was a major factor on my decision. Those reviews were very accurate” says Young.

Below is the complete list of the six airlines included in the study. The rankings were based on the most favorable business class passenger reviews and individual airline rankings from Skytrax, based on food quality, dine on demand efficiency and service.

1.    Delta Airlines 2.    American Airlines 3.    Hawaiian Airlines 4.    Alaska Airlines 5.    United Airlines 6.    U.S Airways

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