Let’s Go Learn Announces Effective Blended Learning Model for Special Ed Classrooms


Kensington, California (EastBayDaily) — Let's Go Learn announced today that its blended learning model has proven to be significantly effective in special ed classrooms. Jennifer Reid is a Special Education Resource/ID Coach for Peoria Unified School District. She is using Let's Go Learn's blended learning model in Peoria's special education classrooms.

As a special ed teacher for more than 18 years, Ms. Reid believes "all students can learn." She goes on to say: "They might learn in a different way, but they can learn and be successful. It is the job of every teacher, general education and special education, to show all students that they can learn, they can be successful, and it is okay if it takes them longer or if they need a different way of learning something."

How does Ms. Reid use Let's Go Learn?

"I use the assessment data to help me group my students into learning groups. I also use the data from the assessments to help me write goals on IEPs and to have updated data for the present level of performance on student IEPs. I have also used the data to help provide general education teachers with additional information for students they have brought to child study meetings or to RTI meetings." In Peoria and across the nation, special education teachers are discovering the power of combining classroom instruction with Let's Go Learn's digital diagnostic assessments and online prescriptive instruction in reading and math.

To find out more about how to implement Let's Go Learn's blended learning model in your classroom, read the white paper by Richard Capone, Let's Go Learn's CEO.




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