Let’s Go Learn Helps New Jersey Teachers Meet November 15th Deadline for AchieveNJ Student Growth Objectives


Kensington, California (EastBayDaily) — New Jersey teachers have until November 15th to meet the requirements of the TEACHNJ ACT. Let's Go Learn's CEO, Richard Capone, shared how his company has become involved in helping New Jersey ensure individual student growth: "The short time frame is what propelled our development timeline. Working directly with New Jersey district administrators, we created the SGO tool to support the SGO process. Used with our online reading and math diagnostic assessments, it's the perfect solution." New Jersey teachers have until November 15th to choose valid and reliable assessments, set starting points, write measurable Student Growth Objectives, and get the approval of their principals or supervisors. Mr. Capone emphasized that the SGO tool when used with LGL's assessments, which are aligned to CCSS,will continue to help teachers during the school year, providing mid-year data and adjustments and end-of-year scores and results: "Together our assessments, reports, and SGO tool support student achievement and teacher effectiveness. Let's Go Learn is proud to partner with New Jersey educators to develop what they need to succeed." To see how to use LGL SGO, take a look at the Let’s Go Learn AchieveNJ video.




Margy Hillman