Let’s Go Learn, Inc. Releases LGL SGO, the First Online Teacher Tool for Measuring K-12 Student Growth Objectives in Reading and Math

Kensington, California (EastBayDaily) — Let's Go Learn's CEO, Richard Capone, flew to New Jersey in the spring to meet with longtime customers in Jersey City Public Schools. The topic? AchieveNJ and student growth objectives (SGOs). The challenge? How to help educators set student goals, measure student progress, and then adjust student goals throughout the school year. The timeline? Immediate! According to Mr. Capone, "Legislation requires that teachers and principals generate SGO goals, logistically apply these to their classes, and calculate bands of attainment with margins of error. This demand is particularly prohibitive given the time frame of November 15th. Educators have enough on their plates without adding complicated statistical analyses. I went back to the office and we designed an intelligent spreadsheet tool to automate this process." Mr. Capone went on to say that educators can use LGL's online diagnostic assessments to benchmark student starting points and then set, track and adjust goals: “Even outside data can be used. We calculate the bands and show progress during the year. We are very excited to save educators hundreds of hours. With LGL SGO they can focus on setting their goals and growth objectives, and we do all the technical work for them.” To see how to use LGL SGO, take a look at the Let’s Go Learn AchieveNJ video.




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