Life Coaching iPhone App Lets Users Create a Happier, More Accomplished & Fulfilling Lifestyle

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — As people become more attached to their mobile devices than ever before, Success Wizard, Inc. has created a new mobile app to allow users to plan their life, stay focused on what matters most, and achieve their most desired dreams and goals.

The new Success Wizard iPhone App is designed to turn a person’s mobile phone into a personal life navigator/planner, available 24/7 wherever that person may be.

“This unique app features a set of effective tools that help users gain clarity, boost their productivity and accomplish their most meaningful goals,” said Yuval Goren, founder and CEO of Success Wizard. “The app boasts a truly elegant design and its user friendly interface makes it very easy to make progress and get results.”

“This app is like having your own portable life compass (or navigation system) supporting you throughout the day, wherever you are and whatever you do,” Goren said. “When used consistently it provides the awareness, clarity and focus needed to create a thriving and fulfilling lifestyle.”

The app allows users to, among other things: Assess their “life reality” and identify those areas they want to grow and enhance

Follow the smart goal setting process to ensure they start focusing on their most important goals

Take advantage of an effective action plan and time/task management system

Use the life commitments scheduler to make sure they attend first to the things that matter the most

Use a personal notepad to keep all their ideas, thoughts, notes, to-do’s, etc.

Use the personal journal to record thoughts, insights, experiences, observations

Take advantage of daily reminders, coaching tips, end-of-day reflections

Record their emotions throughout the day using the included mood meter

Share insights, goals and plans with their coach, friends or support team

Plus, seamless integration with the complete Success Wizard online program Here’s what other experts have had to say about the Success Wizard program:

"Yuval has created a masterpiece of a coaching program with the Wizard….. look at it very closely, it is pure Genius." – Bob Proctor (Internationally Renowned Speaker)

"I am very impressed with the remarkable Success Wizard program. What's especially brilliant about it is how easy it is to use. It's the best system I've seen for people who want to create major results in their lives." – Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. (Bestselling Author)

The Success Wizard app is available on the app store at

More information about the complete Success Wizard program is available at


Success Wizard, Inc. is a premier software solutions company, developing interactive online programs and mobile applications for personal development "gurus", prominent authors, speakers and seminar leaders, as well as coaching & training organizations.

Success Wizard is a revolutionary personal development and online life coaching program that helps users identify and create the life that they want. The program integrates the most effective self-development and coaching techniques into an easy-to-use web-based system that is designed to bring clarity and focus into a person’s life and guide them through a step-by-step process of identifying and actualizing their goals and aspirations.


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