Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions announces the SOLAIR 3100 Airborne Particle Counter

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, a world leader in particle counting and contamination monitoring, has unveiled the SOLAIR 3100 Airborne Portable Particle Counter. The newest and most advanced addition to the SOLAIR particle counter family, the SOLAIR 3100 features an updated design, the addition of sampling and reporting recipes, and internationalization of European and Asian languages. Among its features include a fanless design that does not compromise the cleanliness of the cleanroom and a removable Li-lon battery that provides over four hours of continuous operation.

“The SOLAIR 3100 is well suited for cleanroom classification and monitoring and has a built in cleanroom classification wizard, automating the process of testing to such standards as GMP Annex 1, ISO 14644-1 and Fed Standard 209E”, said Scott Salton, President of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions. “The SOLAIR 3100 also has the lowest cost of ownership of any portable particle counter on the market. By utilizing Lighthouse’s Extreme Life Laser Diode technology, the longevity of its Laser Diode now surpasses 20 years, making it the most durable and long-lasting portable particle counter available today.

The SOLAIR 3100 technological features also offer the convenience of a variety of communication interfaces, including Ethernet, RS-485, USB with external data storage, and transfer via USB thumb drive. Designed for ISO 21501-4 compliance, the SOLAIR 3100 is the most accurate and reliable portable particle counter on the market.

About Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Lighthouse is the provider of particle counters, particle, microbial, environmental and facility monitoring software, and contamination monitoring systems. The company provides accurate monitoring devices such as microbial samplers, total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers, liquid particle counters, and airborne particle counters to the defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and many other manufacturing sectors.

With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities based on the West Coast, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions’ products are proudly made in the USA. The company’s products are sold and supported by a global network of distributors.

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Paul Newman
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions