Lilysilk.Com Tells Customers What Colours of Silk Bedding Sell Best at Current Market


Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Known for rich colour and momme weight selections, Lilysilk is a leading online store for silk bedding products. Now, Lilysilk introduces what colours sell best in the market to all customers.

According to Mike Lee, CEO of, ivory, white and black colours are the best selling at their online bedding shop. These three colours are most frequently chosen among their 20 colour options. Furthermore, customers who receive products of these colours are always satisfied and leave positive feedback.

Lilysilk provides up to 20 colours for its customer worldwide. All bedding products at Lilysilk are made of Grade A mulberry silk with fine workmanship. Elegant colours and top quality make Lilysilk bedding very competitive on the market.

“Ivory, white and black colours are most popular at our store. You can take it into consideration when you do not know what colour to choose for your bedrooms. Beside gorgeous colours, our products are streamlined into a system that checks quality, from sourcing to delivery,” said Mike.

Mike added, “We have our own design team who knows all needs from our customers and can always create the most trendy styles. We will continuously release more trendy silk bedding to our product line.”

To give its customers more options, is also providing a variety of silk nightwear with a large range of colour options.

About Lilysilk

As a leading manufacturer and retailer of best quality silk products, Lilysilk is committed to providing its customers with best products. Their range of silk bedding products includes silk flat sheets, silk fitted sheets, silk duvet covers and silk pillowcases.

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