– New Approach to Contextually Organize the Information on the Web

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — LinkedWords (, new approach to finding and managing information on the web entirely based on grammatical, meaningful and contextual basis launches. Through its innovative contextual platform it provides web publishers with unique way to do contextual linking of words. By doing contextual linked words across millions of web documents, content areas and web pages we help common users contextually find the information they look for just on demand, at the right place and time.

It represents a unique concept developed upon an innovative, WEB 2.0-based contextual platform, which generally intends to help both the common web users by providing them with contextually relevant web information on demand, anywhere on the web and the web publishers on the other side by helping them appear on contextually incorporated linked words within the context of the content found on documents and pages around the web.

It is community driven, expandable on demand, ever evolving huge directory tree-like architecture where anyone can create unlimited number of contextual listings, suggest and create main categories, sub-categories and as many keyword-, key phrase- and sentence-based pages as necessary, dynamically change the listings position by voting, all this in real time, yet monitored by content editors.

Unlike many popular contextual advertising networks meant for paying advertisers only, LinkedWords is freely open for all type and size of websites and is not showing java-based contextual ads based on the context of a given page.

Instead of showing ads, it provides contextually precise web information only when significant interest is demonstrated by the web user and namely upon clicking on the linked words, this way avoiding the mouse over pop-up messages.

Currently the platform has more than 38,000,000 and growing number of unique words, phrases and sentences based pages and categories related to every topic possible on the life, which anyone can use to get contextually linked with.

Invented by Oleg Lazarov, part of Intelum, a private entrepreneurial group of e-business brainstormers and inventors since 1995, it now has, through the licensing agreement with EXIM Internet Group, Inc. signed in May but presently still subject to final shareholder ratification, access to marketing offices located in Mountain View, California, and European IT Center.

Conceptually the project originated in 1998, while the major work started out back in 2000 with an extensive R&D over the internet. Later in November 2004 the platform began alpha testing and since June 2006 is fully functional in beta on the web.

The platform’s mission is to grammatically, meaningfully and contextually hyperlink millions of words, phrases and sentences across pages, documents and content areas available on the web, which is believed to result in much simpler way to find and manage the information on the web, which by itself is expected to be beneficial to both sides of the web – the common web users and the web publishers respectively.

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Oleg Lazarov