Lion Hound Technology’s SYRE Exits Kickstarter as the #1 Oakland-Based Project in the Site’s History

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland-based fitness technology company Lion Hound Technology has closed out the Kickstarter project for its first product, SYRE, a Bluetooth iPod Nano watch case, nearly doubling its initial goal with $133,702 in funding and breaking records to become the #1 Kickstarter project to ever come out of Oakland.

Lion Hound Technology has engaged Hong Kong-based Wah Shing and Dream Cheeky, leading manufacturers of consumer goods, to manage engineering and manufacturing. Silicon Valley design studio ID-3D Design and engineering design firm Indesign will continue as consultants on the project. Near-term deliverables include refining the printed circuit board design, designing product packaging and finalizing colors through a vote of the 1,300+ Kickstarter project backers.

"SYRE has achieved phenomenal success as an Oakland-based project," said David Nelson of Kickmonitor, a third-party service Kickstarter project owners use to track funding progress through a Web dashboard and SMS updates. "Of the 245 Oakland projects in Kickstarter's history, SYRE is the #1 funded project and the only successful six-figure project."

"SYRE's local success story is inspiring, and we're ecstatic to see Oakland well-represented on Kickstarter," said Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember-At-Large. "Lion Hound Technology's progress showcases what we love about Oakland and its thriving, innovative community. It's always great to see a leveling of the playing field for tech entrepreneurs, particularly when it's in our own backyard."

SYRE transforms your iPod Nano into a Bluetooth-enabled smart watch that is perspiration resistant, durable and stylish, and adds four critical features to the Nano that make it a great sports and smart watch: Bluetooth connection. SYRE’s built-in Bluetooth connection, an industry first in iPod Nano watch cases, allows people the freedom to move without restriction or concern. Perspiration resistance. By plugging both the data port and headphone jack, SYRE prevents perspiration from entering the Nano's most electronically sensitive areas. Protection from the elements. SYRE seals the iPod Nano in from all sides with an open face for the touchscreen, providing a level of protection and security that is unmatched in the Nano watch case market. All-in-one functionality. More than just another iPod Nano case, SYRE’s unique design creates a complete unit that fits multiple aspects of a consumer’s lifestyle, effectively replacing fitness and smart watches, a smartphone + workout arm band combo and a standard watch with a single device.

This is only the first product offering from Lion Hound Technology, whose founder and CEO Anyé Spivey, a Bay Area native, has worked on the concept for the past 11 months. After SYRE enters the market, he plans to offer more products that redefine the smart watch market and seamlessly merge fitness and lifestyle needs by using wearable computing devices as a platform.

“As a proud representative of the Oakland community, I’m thrilled at the success of our Kickstarter project,” said Anyé Spivey, CEO and founder of Lion Hound Technology. “That said, now is when my real work begins, such as working with manufacturers, finalizing packaging and getting the finished product into the hands of my project backers.”

Despite its humble local beginnings, SYRE has attracted interest from around the globe, with backers coming from Europe, Asia and South America.

About SYRE Lion Hound Technology’s SYRE transforms your iPod Nano into an incredible smart watch designed for all aspects of your active lifestyle. Molded from a luxurious and flexible silicone polymer, its perspiration resistance and durability fits the needs of even the most demanding athletes. Its slim, stylish design aesthetic looks just as good at work as it does at play. Find out more about SYRE at

About Lion Hound Technology Lion Hound Technology makes it easy to live life unleashed, harnessing innovative technologies to create powerful, durable and stylish products that enhance your lifestyle.

Its first product is SYRE, the world’s first Bluetooth iPod Nano watch case, which nearly doubled its funding goal on Kickstarter and became the #1 Kickstarter project to ever come out of Oakland. The company was founded in 2011 and is based out of Oakland, California. More information is available at


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