Lionrock Recovery’s Online Family Support Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment is a Perfect Fit for Sober Living Homes

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Designed to complement Sober Living Homes and Recovery Residences, leading provider of addiction treatment online, Lionrock Recovery, announces the Lionrock Family Matters Program, to support the families of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Themselves family members of loved ones in recovery, Lionrock’s founders know firsthand the value of family programs in addiction treatment. With confidentiality always of the greatest importance, Lionrock provides its programs by highly secure video conference technology and data systems.

“Operators of Sober Living Homes and Recovery Residences tell us that more work could be done to reintegrate young adults in recovery with their families after rehab,” said Peter Loeb, president of Lionrock Recovery. “The most common family support model, the family weekend during residential treatment, is certainly convenient for family members who are able to travel,” added Loeb, “but because our eight week program by video conference requires no travel, family members can participate from wherever they are, even from multiple locations over the course of treatment. We believe a strong family program can play an important part in relapse prevention.”

Lionrock’s Family Matters Program ( meets once weekly by high-definition video conference which is accessed online from participants’ personal computers or iPads. To ensure privacy, Lionrock video conferences are securely encrypted using the global standard for security (128 bit AES), and all communications are handled by a HIPAA-compliant information system. Lionrock’s nationally-certified addiction counselors lead group therapy sessions which include addiction education, support for family members, and family counseling to help family members come back together in recovery.

“Often when a loved one leaves to go to treatment, everyone is pretty angry. In my own family’s experience, I know we were,” said Loeb. “While a loved one is away, he’s working on healing and finding a better path forward, but family members hold powerful memories that don’t reflect those changes. Frequent limited contact, with appropriate time and structure, will allow families to slowly rebuild bonds. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, progress not perfection.”

Young adults in early recovery are typically spending more time in Sober Living Homes and Recovery Residences as the affordability of this level of care continues to be very attractive. Recovery Residence operators report that up to a third of their residents come directly to sober living in very early sobriety, utilizing outpatient addiction treatment services in conjunction with a sober living environment to pursue their recovery.

As part of a sober living resident’s aftercare, Lionrock’s Family Matters Program focuses on helping families achieve the mutual understanding necessary for family members to actively support their loved one’s recovery during its fragile early stage.

Lionrock’s Family Matters Program also complements its Online Intensive Outpatient Program (, also delivered by secure video conference by nationally-certified counselors, which offers sober living residents serious addiction treatment with the convenience and privacy of online therapy.

“Lionrock’s Online IOP provides therapy, education, and support at a level that’s comparable, and even exceeds, the quality of work done in many outpatient, and even some residential, addiction programs,” said Roland Williams, Chairman of the Lionrock Recovery Advisory Board, and Acting Clinical Director.

About Lionrock Recovery: Lionrock Recovery ( makes getting help for alcohol and drug problems easier by combining serious addiction treatment with the convenience and privacy of online therapy. Offering an Online Intensive Outpatient Program (Online IOP) for those seeking recovery treatment and Lionrock’s Family Matters Program for their loved ones, Lionrock Recovery offers individualized treatment plans for its clients to meet their specific recovery needs. Lionrock offers “best practices” treatment which conforms to the U.S. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) standards, and is provided by nationally-certified addiction counselors. Lionrock Recovery uses state of the art online video conference technology, encrypted for security and streamed in high definition video, to provide an experience that is safe, secure, and easy to use, and in harmony with the high standards of Lionrock’s clinical practices.

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