Liquidity Announces the Launch of Revolutionary Drinking Water Purification Product

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Liquidity Corporation, a company that is developing innovative water purification technologies, has announced that its revolutionary first-generation product is available now. The company is already working with initial customers, including major international consumer products companies, who expect to deliver complete drinking water purification products to consumers by Q4 2014.

This is the world’s first drinking water purification product that provides the complete suite of consumer benefits that will save millions of lives. Contaminated drinking water is the world’s biggest public health crisis today, killing millions of people worldwide annually, and is expected to only worsen in the years ahead. This novel product will purify any non-salt water to the highest WHO standards, removing bacteria, viruses and protozoa. It does not require any energy source (electric, oil, solar, wood – nothing), does not require water pressure and does not add any chemicals to the water in order to achieve this high level of purification. Consumers can use water from a well, river, lake, rooftop tank or municipal sources, and just pour it through the purifier. The purifier produces water at more than 10 liters/hour, sufficient for an entire family. The purifier has no connections, no moving parts and is easy to set up and use. The initial cost and running cost are low – around U.S. 1₵ per person per day.

Liquidity’s CEO, Michael Hawes, says, “This is a game-changing product in the fight against waterborne illnesses. For the first time, a person in the developing world can collect water from a river or well, pour it through our device and immediately drink it – without adding any chemicals, and without needing energy or pressure. This was simply not possible until now. We are very pleased to bring this product to market in conjunction with our partners.”

Around the world, billions of people do not have regular access to pure drinking water. In these places, and in many countries around the world where municipal water is not disinfected reliably, including situations where water is supplied from the household’s water tank on the roof, Liquidity’s technology can now provide a simple, economical and reliable supply of clean, pure water.

In addition to the current product launch, Liquidity is also working with a number of industry-leading companies worldwide to bring further products to market in 2015 and beyond. Liquidity’s Director of Technology, Sylvie Chavanne, said, “Our first-generation product is a huge leap forward in membrane science, nanoscience and consumer water purification. But, we are already working on advancing performance even further with the next generations to address issues, such as heavy metal removal, and will be rolling these out as soon as they are proven.”

For more information, please contact Elliott Gansner, Commercial Director, at egansner(at)liquico(dot)com or 415-279-5327.


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