Launch Caters to Contrarian Lifestyles — and Humor

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — The website went live today offering colorful message wristbands, T-shirts, coffee mugs and backpacks featuring the LIVEWRONG logo.

LIVEWRONG: Pushing Limits, Questioning Rules, You Being You, living free, marching to the beat of a different drummer, knowing what is cool – with laughs along the way. A playful definition of this 2013 vintage noun is featured in the product artwork.

‘For months since testing LIVEWRONG started, I’ve seen our bracelets continuously worn by San Francisco Bay area athletes, among teenagers, college students and recent grads, even people in their 70’s. It appears we’ve struck a chord among a wide group of people,’ says Eric Spector, President of the company behind LIVEWRONG.

Launched by Ellja Partners, Inc. of Berkeley, California, Eric's career has included leading businesses and social enterprises, consulting to numerous nonprofits and prior service as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Eric Spector is also a competitive runner, biker and swimmer who pursues athletics for fitness and pleasure — with pure drive and tenacity to get to the finish line. And nothing else. [See Comeback 65: Challenge for Good or follow Twitter @fitatallages.]



Eric Spector
Ellja Partners, Inc.

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