Livingrm Launches the First Personal Social Network that Aims to Help Manage Relationships Between Friends

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Mountain View startup announced the launch of Livingrm (, a personal social network that helps users manage relationships between friends and is designed with a strong privacy model for close friends and family.

“Social networks have been built to be open and to spread your personal news freely to everyone you know. Privacy control is patchy and complicated. It is odd and unsafe to share intimate and personal information in these open social networks,” said Matthew Hui, CEO of Livingrm. “There is a need for personal social networks that reflect the fundamental nature of real life relationships: protected privacy, importance of close friends, needs of intimate interactions, and managed social information and relationships.”

Livingrm’s “Friendar” measures, accumulates, and displays the ‘closeness’ between users and each of their friends using an “in-score”. For example, with the feature, a user may want to bring a friend ‘closer’ if the “in-score” between them seems too low. Or a user can compare the differences of the in-scores between any two friends.

On Livingrm privacy design is greatly strengthened and simplified to let users control privacy easily without going through pages of settings. There is an event calendar designed to help users share schedules and events with friends, and a full-featured album that allows users not just share but also archive pictures on Livingrm. Headline features are:

1. Friendar: displays the ‘closeness’ between friends and helps users manage relationships 2. Separate friend and family networks: reflects real world social interactions and boundaries 3. Groups: enhances and extends personal networks with private or public groups 4. Share and Archive: allows users to share full size pictures and use Livingrm to safely archive photos

About Livingrm

Livingrm is a new personal social network designed to help users manage online friend relationships. Founded in 2011, Livingrm is based in Mountain View, California.

For More Information Contact: Livingrm, Inc. Matthew Hui, Founder & CEO Mountain View, CA 94043 650 200 8989 mhui(at)livingrm(dot)com


Matthew Hui