Lonely Planet Launches New Children’s Series: World Search

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel authority, has published three brand new and highly visual books for children to inspire curiosity about exploring the world. Lonely Planet’s World Search series contains hands-on books for little adventurers aged 3 and up: World Search: Amazing Jobs, World Search: Incredible Animals and World Search: Busy Places.

With Lonely Planet’s World Search series, kids can travel the world in search of the weird, wonderful and sometimes plain silly things that happen all over the globe. From animals and cities to the cool jobs people do, there’s plenty for them to look for and find. They can hunt amazing treasure and spot some awesome objects all over the world without ever leaving home.

These fun titles contain over 50 sturdy, easy-to-lift flaps so that kids can see what’s happening inside the amazing landscapes. With lots of detailed drawings to keep young ones engrossed, World Search is perfect for airplanes, road trips or quiet time at home.

World Search: Amazing Jobs takes kids in search of the most amazing jobs in the world, including being a stuntman on a Bollywood film set, a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park and a Royal Flying Doctor in the Australian Outback.

World Search: Incredible Animals shows incredible animals in their habitats around the world, including Antarctica (polar), Red Sea (coral reef), Serengeti (grasslands) and the Indian jungle (rainforest).

World Search: Busy Places is a tour through some of the busiest places in the world, including Rio’s Copacabana beach, New York City, London’s Heathrow Airport and Paris streets in search of hidden items.

About the Books: World Search: Amazing Jobs Published by Lonely Planet ISBN: 9781743219201 16 pages, $14.99, full color, 11”x8.5”, board February 2014

World Search: Incredible Animals Published by Lonely Planet ISBN: 9781743219225 16 pages, $14.99, full color, 11”x8.5”, board February 2014

World Search: Busy Places Published by Lonely Planet ISBN: 9781743219188 16 pages, $14.99, full color, 11”x8.5”, board February 2014


Rana Freedman