Lonely Planet Launches Not For Parents Series

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet’s brand new, highly anticipated series for kids is now available. The Not For Parents series is designed especially for children who are curious about exploring the world. Each title in the series is created around “cool stuff to know” in hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of travelers and provides kids with a glimpse of the world without leaving home.

Written with perfect pitch for young readers, the first books in the series include Not For Parents London, Not For Parents New York, Not For Parents Paris and Not For Parents Rome. As you can see from this sneak peek, the intriguing stories and spooky histories of the cities are illustrated with an exciting blend of full-color photos, quirky drawings and great cartoons.

The Not For Parents Travel Book, a “junior” edition of Lonely Planet’s bestselling pictorial The Travel Book, is an exciting journey through every country in the world. This oversized hardcover offers over 200 pages bursting with fascinating trivia and stats, including epic events, wild ‘n wacky critters, and hideous histories. The book also has plenty of important information for kids to use with school assignments, such as population, lingo, capital city, currency, and national pastimes. Incredibly visual, the information is presented with original illustrations, colorful photos and custom graphics…perfect for reluctant readers.

Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series also fills a gap in travel and geography publishing for children. A myriad of books exist for kids incorporating information about cultures or specific subjects from around the globe, but this is unique. The Not For Parents series offers a new way of learning about the world by combining fascinating facts and interesting histories with fun stories in a highly visual and interactive manner.

Whether they are getting ready for a trip or exploring from the comfort of their favorite beanbag, Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series is a must-have for any curious kid.

All five books are also available as fully illustrated ebooks on the iBookstore. Lonely Planet is also offering a free ebook with pages from each of the books on the iBookstore.


Rana Freedman
Lonely Planet