Lonely Planet Publishes Great Escapes

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet’s new coffee table book, Great Escapes, showcases 75 gorgeous getaways around the world from spa bliss in Bali to embracing Quebec City in the winter. These irresistible experiences are organized by theme and include thrilling new ways to discover the world’s greatest cities, relax on a beach vacation, venture into the great outdoors or explore food, music, art and romance.

The background stories, expert content and stunning photography set the scene for readers to immerse themselves in something out-of-the-ordinary. Each section also includes practical information for planning, essential experiences, detours and recommended reading lists to further inspire.

As reads the introduction: “These escapes can be discombobulating riots of colour if you want it, or they can be the complete absence of the things that stimulate the mind. A break to make you think, or a break to make you stop. Whatever your pleasure, whatever form it takes, an escape is a chance to reassess your life, to recharge your batteries, to so completely divorce yourself from normality that by the time you return to the nine-to-five grind you’ve forgotten all your passwords. This is the chance to have an experience that will alter the way you look at the world, and perhaps even the way you look at yourself.”

Lonely Planet's Great Escapes is the perfect gift book for those dreaming of their next escape.


Rana Freedman