Lonely Planet Publishes Six Brand-New Titles in the Not For Parents Series

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series is designed especially for children ages 8 and up who are curious about exploring the world. Each title in the series is created around “cool stuff to know” in hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of travelers and to provide kids with a glimpse of the world without leaving home. The first books in the series won major accolades from booksellers, the media, and parents themselves, and even won the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) seal of approval. Now, Lonely Planet is pleased to announce that six brand-new Not For Parents books have been published!

Written with perfect pitch for young readers, Not For Parents Australia, Not For Parents China, Not For Parents USA, and Not For Parents Great Britain profile each country with odd traditions, intriguing histories, cool facts, spooky stories, and hilarious anecdotes all illustrated with an exciting blend of full-color photos, quirky drawings, and fun illustrations.

Not For Parents Extreme Planet is a whirlwind tour of the globe, seeking out the highest, deepest, wildest, narrowest, coolest, hottest, scariest, smelliest things on the planet. What’s the longest place name? The oldest fossil? Most treacherous road in the world? Each page is dedicated to a theme (i.e. Animal Extremes, Deadly and Dangerous, Big Things) and includes imaginative graphics, illustrations, and photographs to capture these themes from a child’s point of view.

Not For Parents How To Be A World Explorer shows young readers how to venture through all the landscapes on earth as well as through the air, over the seas, and under the waves –plus how to find food and water in the wild, avoid deadly diseases and fight back against man-eating beasts. It’s the ultimate all-terrain training manual for young explorers. Packed with colorful illustrations and cartoons that illustrate essential tips and fun facts on survival of the great outdoors, it includes the lessons from all the great—and some really hopeless –explorers of the past.

Whether they are getting ready for a trip or exploring from the comfort of the couch, Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series is a must-have for any curious kid!

About the books: Not For Parents Australia, China, USA, Great Britain 96pp, full color, paperbacks, $14.99 each Available in bookstores October 2012

Not For Parents Extreme Planet 192pp, full color, hardcover, $19.99 Available in bookstores October 2012

Not For Parents How To Be A World Explorer 160pp, full color, hardcover, $17.99 Available in bookstores October 2012


Rana Freedman
Lonely Planet