Lonely Planet Releases New Book: Happy

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet’s new title, Happy, has one goal: to reveal secrets of happiness from cultures around the world so that readers may manifest more joy in their own lives.

Happy is an exploration on the multitude of ways different cultures inspire happiness and features 55 of these practices, exploring happiness through the themes of mind, body and spirit. Happy takes the reader through a journey of some the world’s most inspirational practices, festivals and traditions including: Thailand’s Loy Krathong, which encourages one to let go of little worries Italy’s Festa del Cornuto, which inspires one to move on from a broken heart India’s Hasya yoga, which teaches one to laugh more in their own lives Chile’s Mingas, which celebrate contributions to the community

Each double-page spread of thought-provoking profiles contains suggestions on ways to implement these concepts into the reader's own life. Lessons throughout Happy include those on love, acceptance, achievement, wealth, work, generosity, family compromise, and death.

As the book says, “one of the unspoken gifts of travel is it allows us the chance to open our mind, eyes and soul to how different cultures invite happiness into their lives, whether those countries are some of the wealthiest in history or are struggling to put food on the table.”

Happy is the perfect companion for the New Year.

About the Book: Happy, New Title ISBN: 978 1 74220 588 5 128pp, full color, $14.99 Available in bookstores January 2012


Rana Freedman
Lonely Planet