LONGEVITY Global Inc Announces Availability of Exclusively Designed TIG Welding Units

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — LONGEVITY Global Inc offers a 30 day risk free opportunity to try Longevity TIG welding equipment for a hands-on experience. Within the 30 days if the unit fails, get damaged or malfunction in any way, LONGEVITY will cover all costs to replace the same with the lower 48 states in America. They will pay cover shipping both ways, and have a replacement ship right away if one happens to receive a dead on arrival TIG welding unit.

The TIG welder from the company is advanced and with sufficient practice and capability anyone can become a master and can weld in an easy way. Most of the buyers who buy TIG welder for sale appreciate this unit due to its portability, economy and it is designed to weld any type of steel or stainless material.

The TIG welding equipment from Longevity Global Inc helps users with rich combination of features. All these types of TIG welder have over current warning facility and have maximum input amps and running amps. Nonetheless, TIG welding machines are stable and have smooth arc characteristic with good puddle wet in.

These are portable and lightweight and have adjustable welding parameters for welding operations. Known for withstanding for many hours, these do not leave out any poisonous or polluted gases – these are also called environment-friendly welding machines. Customers can go through whole information at TIG wielding forum before purchasing.

LONGEVITY Global Inc offers a full line of welding equipment for both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional welding purposes and strives to provide global dealers, distributors, and users with the most innovative welding and cutting machines in the market.


LONGEVITY Global Inc is recognized worldwide for providing reliable Welding, cutting, and power generating equipment. It has earned become a reliable company with innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leading production. LONGEVITY welding, cutting, and power generating equipment has exceptional quality and durability achieved through their R & D department, their no excuse DOA policy, and their rigorous testing procedures led by our engineers. The company also samples products to the top welders in the United States to receive crucial feedback, which drives their innovation. For further information visit – http://www.longevity-inc.com

Contact Address Longevity Global, Inc. 23591 Foley Street Hayward, CA 94545


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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