Longevity Global Inc Announces Its Latest Collection of MIG Welders for DIY

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc. USA's pioneer supplier of welders and plasma cutters has announced its latest range of MIG welders. MIG Welding is a commonly used high deposition rate welding process. In this process wire is continuously fed from a spool. MIG welding is therefore referred to as a semiautomatic welding process.

MIG Welding also called wire feed welding costs less and takes less time than other techniques of Welding. When asked about MIG Welders, the spokesperson of MIG Welders was quoted saying, “With so many different welding manufacturers in today’s market, finding an affordable MIG welder is not an unheard of task.”

He further said, “There are actually many affordable MIG welders out in the market that you may not have heard of. More and more professional welders and tradesman are turning to low priced welding equipment that can perform as well as their larger high priced competitors. A MIG welder comes into play in just about most of the industries out there today.”

This tool makes a professional welding job easy to accomplish for even the non-professional welder. The MIG Welding machine has taken the place of its more tedious counter parts such as stick welding, in most applications. Longevity Global Inc offers a full line of welding equipment for both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional welding purposes.

Most of their equipment comes with an unmatched warranty of 5-Years on both parts and labor. Through innovation, experience, and engineering, they provide customer with affordable and reliable welding machines in all ranges of production from the garage users, to pipe welders, and ship builders. Their warranty is tailored to the end users.

About the company: LONGEVITY Global Inc is recognized worldwide for providing reliable Welding, cutting, and power generating equipment. Since their start 2001, it has earned their slogan, "The Power to Last" through innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leading production. Its welding, cutting, and power generating equipment has exceptional quality and durability achieved through their R and D department, their no excuse DOA policy, and their rigorous testing procedures led by our engineers. It is also samples products to the top welders in the United States to receive crucial feedback, which drives their innovation.

For more information visit http://www.longevity-inc.com/ Contact Information: Longevity Global Inc 23591 Foley Street Hayward, CA 94545 1.877.566.4462


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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