Longevity Global Inc. has Announced Sale on All its Welding Equipment

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc., one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of welding machines, has now announced a fresh sale on all its welding equipment including the lines of TIG and MIG Welders, along with other welding accessories.

A spokesperson from Longevity Global Inc. provides the necessary details about their range of welder equipment. While detailing the TIG Welder line, he says, “TIG Welding is a very unique form of Welding. When you begin to use the left and right hand simultaneously in any process there is more stress involved to the welder and this technique requires more agility than does the more common practices of Welding. The TIG Welder is someone that is still in high demand and carries some prestige connected to his ability to be ambidextrous.”

He continues with their line of MIG Welders and says, “MIG Welding is a commonly used high deposition rate welding process. Wire is continuously fed from a spool. MIG welding is therefore referred to as a semiautomatic welding process. MIG Welding, also called wire feed welding, costs less and takes less time than other techniques of Welding.”

The spokesperson confirms the present high demand of welder machines around the world, which doesn’t meet up with honest services. He further discusses the idea of announcing the welder for sale by saying, “Longevity will work with its customers to determine a fair price when our sales representatives contact them. Most of the time, we can beat our competition's pricing and outperform our competitors with the service we offer after the welder sale.”

Sticking to its words for cheap prices and high quality, Longevity Global Inc. makes its welding accessories go through several quality tests before reaching its customers. Furthermore, the company provides a five year parts and labor warranty on each and every item. Longevity Global Inc. believes in structuring an immense ethical and professional relationship with its customers. That is why Longevity Global Inc. has the power to last.

About the Company Since they started in 2001 Longevity Global Inc. has been recognized worldwide for providing reliable wielding, cutting, and power generating equipment. Most of their equipment comes with an unmatched warranty of 5-Years on both parts and labor. They provide customer with affordable and reliable welding machines in all ranges of production from the garage users, to pipe welders, and ship builders.

For further information visit http://www.longevity-inc.com

Contact Address Longevity Global Inc. 23591 Foley-street Hayward, CA 94545


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Longevity, Inc.

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