Longevity Global Inc Has Put All Its TIG Welders for Sale

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc has announced cost cuts on all its TIG Welders. The discount is valid on all the TIG welding machines including one welding machine, DC TIG Weld 200(ARC output 5-160 AMP) at 60% duty cycle, and two welding machines, AC/DC TIG Weld 250, TIG Weld 315 with ARC output 10-200 Amp and 20-250 Amp respectively, both at 60% duty cycle.

The AC/DC TIG Welding is meant for all metals including Aluminum. TIG Welder for sale is for limited time period only.

The benefit of using TIG welding equipment is its ability to be ambidextrous. When the welder begins to use the left and right hand simultaneously in any process, there is more stress involved. TIG welders don’t feel the same stress as that of other welders. More discussion and threads over TIG Welding can be seen at the company’s TIG welding forum.

Longevity Global Inc ensures quality examination of each and every product, before it reaches its true owners. The company also offers a hassle free 5 year warranty on parts and label. Through their innovative and smart engineering methods, Longevity Global Inc ensures reliable and affordable welding machines in all ranges of production.

With its international distributors in Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and many other countries, Longevity Global Inc global manufacturing facilities are making its mark with its outstanding and effective services of distributing products on time, even before time. With its excellent support and services, Longevity Global Inc believes in structuring an immense ethical and professional relationship with its customers. That is why Longevity Global Inc has the power to last.

About the company:

LONGEVITY Global Inc is recognized worldwide for providing reliable Welding, and power generating equipment. Since its inception 2001, LONGEVITY Global Inc has earned the slogan, "The Power to Last" through innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leading production. LONGEVITY welding, cutting, and power generating equipment has exceptional quality and durability achieved through our R and D department, our no excuse DOA policy, and our rigorous testing procedures led by our engineers. LONGEVITY Global Inc also samples products to the top welders in the United States to receive crucial feedback, which drives our innovation. For more information, visit http://www.longevity-inc.com


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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