Longevity Global Inc. Launches Complete New Range of Plasma Cutters and Other Affordable Welding Equipment

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc. launches yet another new range of plasma cutters. This time the company has given the industrialists and professional welders a special gift with their most cost effective and high performance plasma cutters. Longevity has also stocked their inventory with some highly demanded welding equipment. Durability and strength are two of the definite attributes of the newly launched plasma cutters. Their brand new range of ForceCut series of plasma cutter are designed to cut through heavy gauge metal material like copper, stainless steel and aluminum. These cutting equipment are the most portable and capable plasma cutters out of any other plasma cutter available in the market. Longevity Global Inc. also guarantees that the price their new product line is unbeatable among all other plasma cutters available in the market.

“Plasma Cutters are constantly growing in demands as they are very useful for almost any industrial purpose and this is why new advancements are seen in them almost everyday. We have come up with an all new range of plasma cutters, most advanced and also we are selling them at a price that no other of the business can provide," said Simon Katz, President at Longevity Welders. Further he also added, “ Cutting metal has always troubled the metal industrialists. With the strength and durability that characterizes the heavy guage metals, these elements are brought into use everywhere, from house holds to railway tracks, from airplanes to heavy machinery. But this very sturdiness of metal lends it the difficulty of molding and transforming it into required shapes. Our ForceCut series of handy and affordable plasma cutters are the best and modern solution for this problem, since the extreme heat generated by plasma makes it very easy to melt and mold the metal into various shapes. “

Apart from the advanced cutting tools, Longevity has also assimilated few phenomenal pieces of welding equipment in the form of their new range of TIG welders. Their new series of TIG welders offers the professional welders with an ultimate solution for welding purposes. The fully automatic and power efficient devices are specially designed to weld a variety of metals with extreme efficiency. Longevity Global Inc. has now become a world renowned brand which is specifically known for their quality products like TIG welder, MIG welders, Cutters,portable generators and other useful welding tools.

Longevity Global Inc. is providing its dedicated service since 2001. It is growing at a phenomenal pace with high customer satisfaction, innovative products and efficient industrial production. It works in different parts of world with distributors in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, and multiple other countries. Longevity Global Inc. serves globally with manufacturing facilities with its logistic companies to effectively distribute products in a punctual and effective manner. To know more visit http://www.longevity-inc.com


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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