Longevity Global Inc. Now Extends Its Product Range by Launching New Series of Portable Yet High Output Generators

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc. has announced about its extension of product line up. The leading cutting machines and welding equipment supplier has kept its high esteem and has launched some of the most powerful yet portable generators. Since the launch has taken place in the off season, Longevity Global Inc. is also offering amazing discounts on these environment friendly power backup machines. Also this time the brand has come up with an incredible replacement scheme which is applicable on all their quality products. Whether one buys the heaviest of the gas generators or someone chooses a small cutting tool from the inventory, Longevity Global Inc. charges the least for the shipment of consignments.

President of Longevity Global Inc., Simon Katz took the dice to make an announcement. He stated, “I am glad that we have been able to add few of the most environment friendly generators to our inventory towards the end of this season. Our newly launched machine series include some high power output diesel generators, portable gas generators and other cost effective gasoline generators. Our less smoke producing small generators are easy to install as well user friendly to operate. You can also enjoy our replacement shipment facility right away if you find the ordered product not satisfactory in performance. ”

Longevity Global Inc. produces natural gas generators and other portable generators which are highly efficient in fuel consumption compared to traditional gas generators. It also has a lesser chance of contaminating the land and its surroundings. A traditional portable gas generator would need to fill it up with fuel. Gas portable generator is beneficial because it does not disperse a lot of fumes. Meanwhile a gas powered generator does as it runs on engine. The fumes stink and they are toxic. Longevity Global Inc.'s gas generators are powered by natural gas and they does not stink at all. These generators come in several sizes. They range from the typical small generators to the larger ones meant to last for an extended period of time. Longevity provides generators as per requirements and budget. Apart from these generators, one can find the finest quality welding machines, cutters at their store.

Longevity Global Inc. is providing dedicated service since 2001. It is growing at a phenomenal pace with high customer satisfaction, innovative products and efficient industrial production. It works in different parts of world with distributors in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, and multiple other countries. Longevity Global Inc. serves globally with manufacturing facilities with its logistic companies to effectively distribute products in a punctual and effective manner. To know more visit http://www.longevity-inc.com


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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