Longevity Global Inc. Now Offers 1 Year or 3000 Hour Parts Warranty on Their Range of Generators

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc. now offers 1 year or 3000 Hour parts warranty on their range of generators for both residential & commercial use. They provide diesel generators as well as gasoline generators, propane powered, and natural gas generators, etc. amongst others. Their diesel generators have some standard features like fuel gauge voltmeter, oil warning light, circuit breaker for protection, and other notable options, etc. amongst others.

Generators are devices that act as the power supply unit for various manufacturing processes, one of them are gasoline generators that are more common to consumers looking for power generators. They are also usually compact, depending on their power output. These generators are very useful for many applications too.

These can be used for gas welding and on the site jobs too. Also, gasoline generator has cheaper front price tags. Similarly, gas generators generally cost less than diesel models. They're often more lightweight because they offer less power. The engines are larger but the other components usually are a bit less heavy.

However, if someone is looking for cost-effectiveness, fuel-efficiency, excessive power welding and long term usage a portable diesel generator is the best bet. Besides, maintenance isn't much of an issue when it comes to diesel generators. Nevertheless one should never compromise over quality and make sure to purchase welding equipment that fits the industry or residential requirements efficiently.

Longevity Global Inc offers a full line of welding equipment for both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional welding purposes and constantly strives to provide their global dealers, distributors, and users with the most innovative welding and cutting machines on the market. Their engineering team works together with dealers and customers to develop the best equipment on the market.

About LONGEVITY Since they started in 2001 Longevity Global Inc. has been recognized worldwide for providing reliable wielding, cutting, and power generating equipment. Most of their equipment comes with an unmatched warranty of 5-Years on both parts and labor. They provide customer with affordable and reliable welding machines in all ranges of production from the garage users, to pipe welders, and ship builders.

For further information visit http://www.longevity-inc.com

Contact Address Longevity Global Inc. 23591 Foley-street Hayward, CA 94545


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Longevity, Inc.

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