Longevity Global Inc. Offers 20% Discount This Christmas, on its Plasma Cutting Machines and Consumables Kits

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Global Inc. is now offering 20% discounts on all of its plasma cutting machines and plasma cutting equipment including all of its specially crafted plasma cutters and plasma cutter consumable kits. Buyers can enter the promotional code HOLIDAY2012 at checkout to receive discounts on the products. With such a discount, the company is trying to meet the requirements from clients for affordable plasma cutters and others.

The US based company – Longevity has a limited but successful series of plasma cutting machines, which comes in 1 phase plasma cutters and 2 phase plasma cutters. Longevity Global Inc.'s 1 phase plasma cutter comes with force cut series, which has ForceCut 40D (40 A, 5000 watts), ForceCut 50D (50 A, 5000 watts), ForceCut 40i (40 A, 6500 watts), ForceCut 50i (50 A, 6500 watts) ForceCut 60i (60 A, 7000 watts) and ForceCut 80i (80 A, 9000 watts).

On the other hand, Plasma Cutter Consumable Kits include tips, electrodes, shield cups and gas diffusers that are available of heavy discounts. The consumable kits are tailored perfectly to insure you maximize the usage. The consumables are available at various amperes – 40 amp, 50 amp, 60 amp, 70 amp, 80 amp and 100 amp, all at discounted prices that are available during the festive Christmas season.

Longevity Global Inc. has a wide distribution in UK, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and several other countries. With exceptional and effective services, Longevity ensures the quality equipment for its customers as each of these go through various testing processes before reaching its master. Longevity believes in building an immense ethical and professional relationship with its customers. That is why Longevity has the power to last.

About the company: Longevity Global, Inc. has been providing quality products and exceptional service for over five years. At Longevity Global, Inc., customers get prime quality welding machines and welding equipment. It ensures quality with the help of inspections during production. Each product is tested before it is sold to customers so that it is in compliance with the quality standards set by the company.

For more information please visit: http://www.longevity-inc.com Contact Address: Longevity Global, Inc. 23591 Foley Street Hayward, CA 94545


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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