Longevity Welding Announces Heavy Discounts on Plasma Cutter Consumables

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — "Considering the growing demands of industries, we have decided to add plasma cutters to the long list of discounted items at our store and website," said Simon Katz President, Longevity Welding. Plasma cutters are designed to cut metals and steel, similar to the operations of all other welding processes. Unlike other welding procedures, though, these cutters apply plasma technology to operate the cutter efficiently. This plasma is formed when a gas in high pressure shoots into the cutting torch. The temperature of gas is raised to the point where it causes the gas to change to plasma, and this plasma is known as the forth state of matter. It can also be formed using nitrogen, air and oxygen, along with other inert gases. Plasma cutter consumables are generally fragmented when they are forced out of the cutting torch’s nozzle. They are called consumables because they are basically consumed when used with the torch, helping to cut metals.

The gases pass through the cutting torch at a very high speed and heat the metal to be cut. When the gas is forced out of the cutting torch it makes an electric arc which is often the light you generally see when watching a metal being welded. The arc is basically caused due to the electrode used in the cutting torch. The cutting torch is made of different parts but it is only the power supply unit which supplies electricity. This power unit provides electricity to the cutting torch and to the cables which run through the torch. Cables carry water, gas, air and other chemicals to the torch and these all supply the torch and electrode which cuts the metal. The electrodes help in carrying the power from the unit and connecting it to the torch at the discretion of the welder. They are made of different gases and metals and they are together known as plasma cutter consumables.

The plasma cutters basically work by sending electric arc from the gas that passes through the narrow opening. The narrow opening or the nozzle from which the gas passes actually causes it to squeeze at high speed just like air passing from a venture in a typical carburetor. Therefore, this high speed gas helps in cutting the molten metal. This gas is also directed towards the perimeter of the cutting area in order to shield the cut. With most of today’s advanced plasma cutters there is a pilot arc used between the nozzle and electrode to ionize gas and firstly create the plasma before the arc transfer. Some other methods that are commonly used are touching the torch tip so that it creates sparks, and there are high frequency starting circuits used in a manner similar to spark plugs.

There are a number of consumables available and you can shop for the best in quality and price at Longevity Welding. Some of the best rates are Pilot Arc large consumable 30kit which includes everything you might need for welding or cutting requirements. They are also available in small and medium kit sizes. These kits that you can purchase from the online store can be used with any of the Longevity Welding plasma cutter products.


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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