Longevity Welding Announces Tips to Enhance Utility of Plasma Cutters

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — The plasma arc and welding process has greatly advanced over the years as they today provide outstanding quality in cutting, piercing and gouging at high speed for an affordable price. Plasma cutting is basically the process where in an open arc similar to TIG welding and can be contracted by just passing it through the small nozzle from the electrode to start the job. Even though the technology used for this arc plasma cutting system is a little complicated, the process is rather easy to perform and learn.

The oxyfuel welders were actually one of the most common methods to cut carbon during the earlier days, the newer plasma cutting technology is gaining favor due to several reasons such as: Plasma cutting can cut much faster compared to oxyfuel The width of cut or kerf is small The preheat cycle is eliminated Smaller heat effected zone minimizes or prevents warping Plasma cutting is clean and les expensive The process can be used for any electricity conducting type of metal There is dry, clean air used for most of the plasma cutting operations

There are some simple plasma cutter tips that can help you understand the technology and acquaint yourself with its use. The perfectly installed arc plasma cutting setup can be safer than the oxyfuel cutting system as there is a chance of flashbacks or even risk of combustible gases through exposed hoses when using oxy fuel torches. Plasma cutter is therefore easier for jobs like hole – piecing as it uses plasma jets. This jet is the swirling force of the air around the job arc with combination of the arc attachment and it focuses on the heat over the metal. This plasma cutter jet is also suitable when cutting stacked jobs.

Plasma cutters can be used for any application which is positive electrical conductor. They are different from chemical cutting, as they can be used for any metal applications like stack cutting, shape cutting, beveling, piercing and gouging. Plasma cutting can also be done successfully on a wide range of material sizes. This means that it has the capability to cut anything ranging from thin gage aluminum to stainless or carbon steel with high thickness levels but that depends on the power of your cutting machine.

Plasma cutting tips also suggest the proper safety procedures for the cutting operations, as you can be exposed to several hazards. So they should be followed carefully. You should be aware of the potential hazards implicated with this process that include high temperature and temperature, ultraviolet radiations, fumes and molten metal. Therefore proper welding and cutting clothing must be worn along with welding helmets that have dark lens which can protect you eyes and face. There are several welding and cutting accessories available online and you can stand to receive the highest quality of welding and cutting accessories at Longevity Welding which offers you a wide range of high quality plasma cutters like ForceCut LP-60D and their accessories at affordable prices.


Simon Katz
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