Longevity Welding Launches Brand New Range Of LDG Silent Diesel Generators With One Year Warranty

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Longevity Welding is one of the most renowned brand for providing reliable Welding Equipment, cutting, and power generating equipments. In their tradition of providing highly effective equipments, recently Longevity Welding has come up with complete new range of LDG silent Diesel Generators. It constantly strives to provide global dealers, distributors, and users with the most innovative Welding Supplies to Stick Welder, TIG Welders, MIG Welders and cutting machines for Force cut on the market.

President of Longevity Welding Mr. Simon Katz stated, “We are proud to announce brand new range of high quality and efficient LDG Silent Diesel Generators for all of our loyal clients. Your continuous faith in Longevity Welding products have encourage our team to regularly innovate and come up with excellent equipments. We are offering one year or 3000 Hour parts warranty on generators such as Portable Generator and Diesel Generator. It is available for both residential and commercial purpose. A Longevity Welding generator is useful for running many electric appliances at home as well as on the job or in many other applications including most mobile applications. Our launched models of LDG Silent Diesel Generators consist of full power panel with engine shut off switch, hour meter, voltage selector and many more features. And its idle control feature will saves fuel and reduces noise.”

Apart from Portable Generators and Diesel Generators, Longevity Welders is time tested brand for Welding supplies such as Stick Weld, MIG Weld, TIG Weld and plasma cutters for Force cut and other purposes. Longevity Welding provides cutting, power and Welding Equipment with exceptional quality and durability attained via research and development department. Longevity Welding offers product samples to the top welders in the United States for expert feedback, which makes its Welding supplies most reliable in the market.

Longevity Welding is serving clients since 2001 with ultimate innovative Welding Equipment for Stick Weld, Mig Weld, Tig Weld, cutting, and power generating products. Customers can have varieties of generators such as Portable Generators and Diesel Generator with great offers. It works with distributors, in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, and multiple other countries. Longevity Welding serve globally with manufacturing facilities with its logistic companies to effectively distribute products in a timely and effective manner.

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Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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